Saturday, 19 November 2011

Another Week Another cake...

I've been insanely busy this week on the old GF Baking front.

I have baked 7 GF Christmas Cakes and 3 GF Christmas Puddings.  I still have about another 3 cakes and 3 puddings left to go but should knock most of those over tomorrow.  Then all they need to do is sit safely wrapped up maturing nicely until Christmas Day.

After the huge success of the busty bikini babe cake and post last week, I have another one for you.  Another birthday this weekend for a good friend who is currently building a small holiday house/granny flat on their acreage property.  He has done such an amazingly impressive job for someone who is neither builder nor tradesman.  Can't wait to see it for ourselves this afternoon.

I offered to make his birthday cake for him for today and I already had an image in mind....You guessed it.

A round Chocolate Mud cake covered with dark chocolate ganache.  Toolbelt and tools all made from tinted rolled fondant.  Thanks to the girls at CakeBitz in Southport for again assisting with the silver powder that allowed me to make the tools a shiny silver.

My first time using the silver dust powder which is then mixed with a little vodka to make a paste/paint consistency.  Painted on over grey tinted fondant it brought the tools up brilliantly - another little tip/trick I learned.

The main challenge in making this cake was working in the intense heat and humidity we have had this past week.  Daily temps have stayed steadily over 30 Celsius (86+ F)  Often with it hitting 30 before 9am and the humidity has been over 80 all week long.  Now that puts another light on my baking marathon this week!

The fondant was difficult to work with in the heat so I mostly did the moulding in the evenings when it was a little cooler.

No more decoration cakes on the horizon that I know of - next stop Christmas.  Watch out for a GF Christmas Pudding Post next - you will never buy a nasty shop bought pud, with or without gluten EVER again once you have made your own and tasted it.  Its worth all the time steaming it - trust me.


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