Thursday, 16 February 2012

Peace Love & Cake - Yeah Baby!

This week things have taken a turn for the 'hippy' and Ive gone all peace love and flower power on you.  The cake was created for a 60th with the theme being obviously - Hippy, 60's, Flower Power - you get the general idea.

The cake board is covered in a colour swirled light green fondant and each of the flowers was made from tinted fondant.

The large sheet cake is a chocolate mudcake again covered in a pink swirled fondant.  The grass around the cake is made using the Wilton "Grass" tip to create the effect.  It does so very well but I find it so incredibly hard to pipe as the holes in the tip are so small its a serious arm workout to get that icing out of the nozzle.

The Combi Van is not quite as smooth and polished as I would like but that said in the flesh it looks quite groovy baby.  I made a chocolate mudcake in a loaf tin. Cutting off a little from the end and using to make extra height for the van.

It is covered entirely with tinted fondant and fondant flowers.  I used the silver powder mixed with a little vodka to create an edible silver 'paint' which I painted the hubcaps and front lights with.

I used the piping bag to edge the windows and in hindsight I wish I had used fondant now as my hand was not very steady due to the awkward height and angle and I think it would have been a slicker finish without my wobbly lines - ah well, always something to learn for next time.

To complete the cake I sprayed an edible clear lacquer over the lake and board to add a little gloss and sheen.

I hope the Birthday girl likes her surprise cake and her surprise party tomorrow night.



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