Thursday, 9 February 2012

Disco Queen

I have managed to rustle up a cake for a friends daughter's birthday this week also.  She requested a disco mirror ball for her party as that was the theme.  Well that was gonna be a cool challenge.

I created a chocolate cake for the base cake and covered it in chocolate buttercream and then 'hot pink' fondant.

I created the ball by making 2 dome shaped chocolate cakes and sandwiching them together to make a sphere.  This was then coated in a vanilla butter cream.  I knew I was going to have to tile the cake with tile squares of fondant to create the mirror ball effect and buttercream would provide a better 'stick' than ganache which would harden too quickly.
I wasn't worried about the small gaps in the mosaic as I knew I was going to fill with silver sugar 'sand' to provide the glitter.  So the cake was tiled in the fondant mosaic then painted with an edible silver paint and then the silver glittery sand was sprinkled over the ball.  The photographs don't pick out very well the glittering of the ball but it does sparkle nicely.

It was a tough one and it is perhaps a little more Lego Death Star than mirror ball but I have a feeling the 6 year old girls will love it all the same.  How could they not ? - hot pink, chocolate cake and glitter - its all good.


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