Saturday, 17 March 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This weeks cake was a 1st Birthday cake that also fell on St Patrick's Day - hence the request for something soft and sweet combined with a little bit of the Blarney in the form of our lovely little Leprechaun.

The cake was a GF white chocolate mud cake covered in a white chocolate ganache then covered with tinted blue fondant.

Large white fluffy clouds were piped from royal icing and also used to secure the rainbow which was made separately from rolled fondant and dried to become rigid.  I had originally made another rainbow that was made from ribbons of colour but it proved to fragile to withstand being raised and held in the rainbow so I had to revert to the less crisp rolled 'ropes' of fondant to provide more structure to the arch.

The Leprechaun himself was made entirely from tinted fondant with the arms and legs secured with royal icing the day before delivery.

The one thing I am most disappointed with in this cake was the lettering in the name.  I did a test run on the piping of the name and thought all was good to go, but the heat conspired against me and we got a bit of seepage making it less crisp than it started out.

I hope the party was a success and this is only the first of many many wonderful birthdays to come for this beautiful little girl.


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